How to sell your property?

Selling your house is not as difficult as it was considered before. We have brought every solution to Sell Property your home without needing to move before a deal matures.

According to section 54 of the Transfer of Property in Gurgaon Act, 1882, selling a home means the absolute transfer of ownership and all rights in the property sold.

Propfort has a team of well- experienced agents that would help this task to be more manageable and less complicated.

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4 steps to sell your home fast

Our Agents' guidance saves your valuable time.

The deal is translucent, rendering no space for getting cheated.

The agent completes all the transactions .

The documents are transferred with confidentiality from a third party.


Steps involved in selling a property are:

  • Deciding to sell and seeking an agent. The agent will be responsible for advertising, displaying and completing the legal specifications for the land’s sale. Make a plan to list, display and sell your property.
  • Determining the sale price and the inclusion of property will come next. In this, the property’s location, size, age, and characteristics will be measured according to the current market and area trends.
  • You have an understanding with your agent. This legally binding contract would specify any commissions, the approximate purchase price, the agreement’s length, the promotional costs, and the procedure.
  • Prepare the Vendor’s Declaration of Property and the Sales Contract through your Agent or Conveyor. It will provide all the information required by potential buyers.
  • Advertising and displaying your property. This usually includes taking pictures of your house, drawing up layouts and writing online advertisements.
  • Sale and negotiations. Agents can sell your property or formalise between seller and buyer to achieve a mutually exorbitant price. After this, the buyer will pay a deposit.
  • In compliance with the deal. Both the seller and the buyer’s lawyers and the banks will map out the terms of the sale to ensure that both parties agree with all legal and financial conditions followed by the settlement date.
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