Vastu Shastra tips for home before it gets ready.

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Vastu Shastra tips for home before it gets ready.

Your Home and energy are in no way different from each other. It aligns with you from the day you start living at Home. Build your Home according to vastu shastra such that there must be a continuous flow of air prana. For a continuous flow of prana, the Vastu Purusha or vastu Devata, the house’s God uses mathematical and illustrative drawing while constructing the house.

Vastu shastra is the science for Home. It’s a science in which the five elements of life like water, air, fire, sky, and earth, are arranged in a way that brings prosperity and positivity to your Home. 

Let us learn in brief how your Home must be constructed that gives you an organized and convenient life. We may decide the doors and windows of the house based on the area’s spiritual and climate factors.

The mouth of your house is the main entrance and channel from where energy flows inside the Home. Like we eat food for energy and proper body function, the same is the case with Home’s main entrance. 

Now further, we will discuss how various directions play a role in building a Vastu shastra active house-

East- This direction is known as a direction for Indra’s deity. Most people prefer the main entrance to a home, a window, or any opening in this direction to flow the sun’s energy. 

South- The maximum sun rays come from the south direction in summer. It should be kept either closed or may build small openings to maintain the house’s temperature and unwanted expenses. The owner of this direction is yam. It is generally not considered much auspicious to have an opening in the south direction.

West- Varuna is the lord of the west direction and is related to rain, destiny and fame. Do not choose the south-west direction for the main gate if you have the one in the west direction. Avoid any opening in the west direction as it creates problems in the stability of income. As per Vastu shastra, the construction should start from the west or north direction and keep walls a little high.

North- The North is the coolest direction and, along with the East, it provides cosmic energies. There should be windows and openings in this direction. Kuber, the god of wealth, is linked to this direction. It is, therefore, considered to be auspicious and produces health and wealth for

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